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Doig River First Nation Long Term Water Project

Location Doig River First Nation, British Columbia
Owner Doig River First Nation
Engineer Urban Systems - Fort St. John
Status In Progress

Carver began construction in March 2022 on this project which consists of two separate stand-alone buildings: a 224 sq.m. Water Treatment Plant and a 27 sq.m. Re-chlorination Building. Carver will supply and install a reverse osmosis skid, recirculation tank, 2 water softeners tanks, and a flow balance tank along with 2 vertical turbine pumps in a below ground C.I.P concrete clearwell in the WTP complete with associated process piping & appurtenances and electrical controls & equipment. The Re-chlorination building will house metering pumps complete with all new process piping & appurtenances and electrical equipment and controls. The project also consists of the supply and installation of 1000 metres of 100mm Watermain and 200 metres of 100mm Watermain installed by directional driling under the Doig River.